Friday, December 31, 2010

New House Pictures

Here are some crazy, but good pictures of the new house taken by Jess Ahlemeyer. She has been taking pictures of all the houses at DR so we can update our virtual tour on the DR website. Watch for the update soon. I'm writing the text for the pictures.

Jess used a program that allows her to create a composite image of many photos. She is a great photographer too so these are really nice. Unfortunately, the house is not really finished or furnished and is not looking its best. But still it gives you a better idea of what it looks like inside, with some distortion. Thanks for these pictures, Jess.

1 comment:

hennalion said...

wow! your house is looking great. it's nice to see the outside all cleared, and to see the upstairs with the finished flooring and looking so cozy and lived in. that's a pretty swanky rocker you've got!

can't wait to watch your progress up close over the warm season.