Monday, January 7, 2008

Back at DR

I took a two week break from DR to travel for the holidays and left behind my work on the house. Upon my return I found that the plaster had mostly dried. I was a little worried that not heating the house for two weeks would prevent the plaster from drying, but even though there were a few days of below zero weather, the drying continued.

The last few days I continued the plastering and finished plastering yesterday. It's a relief to have it done finally and have all the drafts sealed up. But the last few days have been in the 70s, so I can't really test it.

Now I'm working on cleaning up the mess left behind from plastering. I 'm moving in some more of my stuff and putting up decorations.

The house is not technically done, but this is far as I'm going this season. The finish plaster, which will make the walls smooth, and the trim will have to wait for next summer. I also plan on putting in a different ladder in place of the fiberglass work ladder you see in the above picture for getting upstairs. The house will also need wood siding and trim on the outside, and wood flooring on both the first and second floors.

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